The last of the Royal Engineers, 1909 - Record Detail

The last of the Royal Engineers, 1909. - November 1909.

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Item No. IHP1592
Date Range November 1909
Title Source Formal title
Responsibility Ritchie, S.J.
Physical Description 1 photograph : b&w ; 19 x 24 cm
Scope & Content Photograph shows the last of the Royal Engineers in 1909. Pictured in back, left to right, are Richard McBride (Premier of BC.), His Honour F.W. Howay (Judge, historian), W.H. Keary (Mayor of New Westminster, infant passenger on "Euphrates," son of Mrs. James Keary, Henry Bruce (R.E.), and John Cox (R.E.). At middle, left to right, are George Turner (R.E. Surveyor) Allen Cummins (R.E.) William Haynes (R.E. Bandmaster), Robert Butler (R.E. Bugler) Samuel Archer (R.E.) FRONT L to R, Phillip Jackman, (R.E.) Sgt. Lewis F. Bonson, (R.E.), Lt. Col. Richard Wolfenden (I.S.O., V.D., R.E.) and Thomas Argyle (R.E.). Seatwed, left to right, are Corp William Hall (R.E., Euphrates) Mrs. James Keary (Euphrates) Absent are Matthew Hall, John Henry Scales (Infant passenger "Thames City") and John Musselwhite.
Name Access Howay, F.W. | McBride, Richard | Keary family | Bonson Family
Subject Access Occupations - Engineers | People - Identified
Geographic Location New Westminster (B.C.)
Record ID 19414
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